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Do you frequently search for something distinctive for your home or yourself?  Do you seek out unique gift ideas?  We want to bring you something different and infuse authenticity into your life.

Over the years, we have encountered many gifted women going against the current in order to embark on creative journeys. Seeing the marvelously unique and original objects these craftswomen are making, we want to celebrate them and applaud their talent by launching a marketplace for their creations.

This is not just an ordinary marketplace. We are passionate about creating a meaningful business committed to building a true community of talented artisans. Browsing through our website, you will find each craftswoman’s story and inspiration behind each object, making your purchase more personal and significant. Through your interest, you will support these women and enable them to pursue their passion.

Our idea is really quite simple: to bring you one-of-a-kind and uniquely inspirational objects, which are:

º Made in the British Isles;
º Made by women for women;
º Original, not ordinary;
º High quality

We are excited to bring you our new finds and hope that you cherish them.





© Tamra Cave

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