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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is only a week away, and for those who do like to give gifts on Valentine’s Day, now is your chance to get organised early. You still have time to give that special person in your life a little “nudge” as a reminder. Whether you are buying for him, for her or most importantly treating yourself, I hope this gift edit helps you pick out something truly unique. 

Below, a few gift ideas for her.  A woman can only be enchanted by the gift of jewellery or a new handbag. These gifts are personal and thoughtful, and demonstrate that the person giving knows her well.

Valentine Collage (1)

1. Alice Robson Cube Necklace, 2. EmmaKN Arabesque Ring, 3. Shyla Jewellery Sheena Earrings, 4. EmmaKN Round Tangled Ring, 5. Leila Swift Jasmine Earrings, 6. Candice Lau Tea Bag

Below, a few gift ideas for him or for her. A gift of a small leather item, a memory-invoking print or an ingenious music enhancing device are perfect for that ‘hard to buy for’ special someone.

Mother's Day Collage

1. Camilla Lee Resound Smart Phone Gramophone, 2. EmmaKN Oxidised Round Tangled Ring, 3. TINCT Large Navy Wallet, 4. Join Pebble Candle, 5. Georgia Bosson Battersea Print, 6. Camilla Thomas Merino Wool Throw

Whichever gift you believe to be just right for your loved one, the art of giving resides in the thoughtfulness of choosing with your heart.

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