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I have always loved candles.  I pepper them around my home to create an uplifting mood, to help me unwind if I’ve had a long day or to energise me before a stressful day. Not only do I indulge in a new candle when I find a fragrance that speaks to me, I find that a candle also makes for a great gift.

If choosing the right fragrance seems like a daunting task, below are some suggestions to find the right candle for each room in your home:


What would you say to soaking in a hot bath with a favourite tune playing  and a page-turning novel in your hands? Bliss.  Add a delicately fragranced candle to the mix? Heaven!  With the busy lives we lead, taking a bath is one of those luxurious moments where time stops.  No screaming children, no demanding partner, and most importantly NO agenda: a long soak, a great read and a few moments of stolen “me-time”.

byrne candle - spa decadence - emma and louiseFor these pampering moments, I suggest a relaxing floral-inspired candle such as Grey Gate’s Blush and Peony. If a mood-lifting fragrance is more what you need, try a citrus scented candle such as Join’s Mandarin and Lemon Verbena.  If indulgence is on your mind, this candle has your name on it: Spa Decadence by Byrne


The kitchen tends to be the central hub in any household.  Despite numerous attempts to lure guests into the living room, they always seem to find their way back to the kitchen.  The kitchen is the perfect place to sit with a cuppa or stand with a glass of wine whilst having a conversation with your husband, your neighbour or your best friend.  A subtle candle burning in the background will add a finishing touch to that perfect moment.

Grey Gate - pomegranate Candle 2 - emma and louise

For these occasions, I would opt for a lightly fruity fragrance such as Grey Gate’s Pomegranate or a delightfully fresh fragrance such as  Bay & Rosemary by Join.

Living room

If you have found a comfy spot in the living room and you are enjoying a good read of the Sunday paper (or friends have come around for a sneaky late-afternoon cocktail), the faint aroma of a fragrant candle will create a convivial and inviting atmosphere.

Join Candle - black pepper and bergamot candle small - emma and louiseI would recommend a fragrance with a woody undertone such as Wick + Wax’s Rock Salt and Driftwood or maybe a more masculine vibe such as Black Pepper and Bergamot by Join.


Finally, at the end of the day, your inner-sanctum should be just that: a place to rest and relax.  This private and very personal space is the perfect setting for a glowing candle at bedtime.

Wick & Wax - Lavender and Bay Candle - emma and louiseIf relaxation is your goal, go for a fragrance that is both soothing and deeply calming such as Wick + Wax’s Lavender and Bay Candle or a warming fragrance such as Wick + Wax’s Green Tea and Almond.

All the candles you’ll find on emma & louise are made with only 100% natural, essential oils and pure organic soy wax – no added nasties or artificial fragrances. Only pure goodness!

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