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A few weeks ago, I decided to visit Houzz 2018 to see what new interior design trends were being showcased.  This year, the venue was a tiny Georgian house in Soho which I almost walked past without seeing it.  Low and behold, when I walked in, I discovered a space completely transformed into a cozy, inviting and impeccably styled home.  Perusing through it from top to bottom, these are some of the trends I saw.

Pink ceramic mug

Everything’s rosypicture frames against blush wall

The definitive colour accent throughout the house was of the rose family – blush, mink, pinkish mauve.  A ceramic tea set on the table of the living room, a round vase in the corner of the cafe, the colour of the children’s bedroom wall… all featured a similar rosy hue.




smoky vase and candleThe devil’s in the detailsucculent plant on windowsill

Every little corner or nook was accounted for and had clearly been seriously considered. A small wooden table with a candle and smoke-coloured vessel adorned a corner of the bathroom, a simple pot with a succulent plant was delicately placed on a window sill, a geometric-patterned black and white cotton towel was nonchalantly hung near the shower. Nothing was left to chance… every little space served a purpose and was styled to enhance the story being told.


Light Hallway

Lighting sets the mooddesk at window

Not only does colour play a preponderant role in setting the tone, lighting also creates the right mood. Wandering from floor to floor, the stairs and hallways were bright, airy and white. Stepping into the main rooms of the house, each room had its own personality thanks to the subtle lighting. The desk posed by the window particularly struck a chord – a personal, intimate and inviting space.

All in all, Houzz 2018 was well worth a visit.  And judging by the number of people in attendance, I was not the only one curious about what the design world holds in store for our homes in the coming year.

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