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Where am I based?

I design and hand make jewellery in my East London Studio.

What is my story?

Sustainability is of upmost importance to me.  My jewellery is made with a careful consideration of production methods, packaging and sourcing of materials. I am proud to present a sustainable, planet-conscious brand and hope this will inspire others to follow suit with similarly sustainable practice. I am a member of the No Dirty Gold (NDG) campaign - an international initiative, ensuring that gold mining operations respect human rights and the environment. I am also a certified member of the Fairtrade foundation- allowing me to use Fairtrade gold and silver.

What is my inspiration?

Combining traditional, modern and adapted techniques to achieve a signature style, I am passionate about experimenting with different processes. I find beauty within flaws and always strive to discover something new within my work, ultimately creating individual and unique items for my collections.  Using jewellery as a platform, I aim to draw attention to climate change and conceptualise the movement and patterns of changing weather cycles.  Each piece is a celebration of natural beauty and captures the dynamics of the elements in moments of transition and flux.


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