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Camilla Lee

Where am I based?
I am a London based designer/maker working in the field of furniture, lighting and sound.
What is my story?
Whilst studying 3D Design Craft at Brighton University, I became particularly interested in the aesthetics and organic sound qualities of wood and ceramic.  Application of sound and pattern became a recurrent thread within my work, linking themes of sound therapy, and fusing functionality with unique aesthetic forms.
What is my inspiration?
The Resound collection started from extensive research into music therapy and the way in which natural materials can enhance sound quality.  Working with different timbers and materials, I investigated the natural sound tones and decided to use walnut as the main wood alongside Parian ceramic.
The Painting by Music concept came about through playing with these materials and sounds tones. I chose to develop a way to visualise my synesthesia through artwork.  With the colours I see when I hear sound, I develop a colour palette from a selected song and use the brushstrokes to represent accents in the music and the rhythm.


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