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Nikki Kreis

Where am I based?

I am based in Central London near Kings Cross. My studio is also my home and my garage is where I make the pegboards.

What is my story?

I was born in Switzerland and I trained as an interior architect at the EAAL School of Architecture in Switzerland and have lived in London, Berlin, New York and Sydney. I have worked in varied architectural practices in these locations. I've also designed and developed furniture and interiors for hotels, fashion showrooms and residential spaces throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Over the years working as an architect I collected lots of ideas for products and a few years ago - then still in Sydney - I rented a small studio and started experimenting with product design using different materials. That was really the start. In 2012 I decided to move to the city which I believe is the centre for innovative design today – London – and I set up my design studio.

What is my inspiration?

Ideas for products come to my mind whilst observing the world around me - how people do things, how they handle objects. I examine how things work and consider how to make them work better. On the other hand sometimes a material triggers an idea and I start from there.


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