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Rachel Cox

Where am I based?

I’m originally from Wales and now based in South West London. My ceramics studio is based in an old Victorian factory in Battersea. The studio has lots of natural light and is a very calming and creative space. It is quite small and a little bit crooked, but it adds to the historic charm.

What is my story?

After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire, I moved to Barcelona for three years to work with a Catalan ceramist and to develop projects of my own. From Spain, I applied to the Royal College of Art, as I wanted to focus full time on my practice. I have now settled in my studio in London where I also work part-time as a lecturer of ceramics. Teaching is an important part of what I do; I enjoy passing on my skills and sharing ideas with new minds entering the field.

What is my inspiration?

In an age where domestic objects are rapidly mass-produced and shortly discarded, I strive to design and make long lasting items that intimately consider material quality, colour and functionality. Travel is also an important influence of the palette and forms that I make.  I am drawn to vibrant, chromatic urban environments and have colour mapped in cities such as London, Barcelona, Athens and Buenos Aires. User experience is key, and the pleasure people have when using my pieces coupled with their longevity is what motivates me.


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