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Where am I based?

My studio is based in London, and I work alongside a community of designers and makers at Cockpit Arts’ studios in Deptford.

What is my story?

I was born in the UK and my roots are in Hungary. My passion for design started at an early age with Saturday pottery classes. I graduated from Central St Martins College of Art and Design in 2001, and at this point was working in fashion and textile design. I started to translate my designs into clay a year later when I joined Cockpit Arts’ studios. This explains why my ceramics have a fluid, draped quality to them, often defying the conventions of traditional ceramics.

What is my inspiration?

The distinctive ‘tangled’ pattern that has become my signature style was born of a moment in my garden when I witnessed a leaf flying into a spider’s web, shattering the symmetry into a mess of tangled lines. In order to capture this moment in time, I developed an innovative technique in which lines of delicate white earthenware clay are layered to construct a three-dimensional filigree surface.


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